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atypicalicons's Journal

Not your average icon journal.
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Welcome to atypicalicons, where anything is welcome, as long as it's not old meme. By old meme, we mean that all icons must have been created by you. Yes, everyone's seen the icons of Harry Potter and Samuel L. Jackson—now it's your turn to shine.

The rules are simple:

1). Every post must be on-topic. By on topic, we mean it must have something to do with icon making. Asking about different icon-making techniques, or Photoshop or the GIMP techniques is perfectly fine; asking for help with your chemistry homework is not.

2). Icon makers will tell you how they want to be credited, but as a rule, the usual C&C—comment and credit—is good form to follow.

3). If you are caught harrassing another member (either here or on their journal), or actively advertising _we_steal_icons (in community posts/comments only; what you do in your journal is your business), you will be banned.

Any questions? Feel free to e-mail jenntothen@yahoo.com, with the subject line "Atypical Icons."